Inspirational and Motivational Jewelry

At K Brothers Jewelers we specialize in jewelry manufacturing and high quality, custom designed inspirational and motivational jewelry. In addition, we're also very excited about the idea of changing people's lives. Take a look at our blogs to learn more about how we're helping people become better versions of themselves through life-changing content. Don't be shy and contact us for any inquiries you may have or any experience you'd like to share with us. There is also an option to join our newsletter if you're interested in having our latest life-changing content delivered right to your inbox.


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Come Visit Us At Our Office

We are located in the famous St. Vincent Jewelry Center in the heart of DTLA. The day you decide to come in and share your ideas with us, you will experience the honor to enjoy the amazing view the Los Angeles skyscrapers have to offer. It's the perfect scenery to get inspired and turn your ideas into a reality! We are fully committed to fulfilling your needs as best as we can. We love to input as many hours are required in order to reach your definition of perfection. We love what we do, let us prove it to you.


Get To Know Us

K Brothers Jewelers is a third generation family business which began in Istanbul, Turkey in the early 1800's. The family has lived in several different countries including Syria, Greece, France, then landing in Lebanon around 1930. All along the way honing in their skills and gaining the knowledge of each regions' styles and techniques. In 1984, the family moved to the United States with dreams of continuing the family business in southern California. That dream came true in 1989 when the youngest sons began manufacturing jewelry designs in Los Angeles. The brothers have continued to hone their skills working with top wholesalers including Christian Tse, with much of their work being sold at Tiffany & Co.


Our Services


We are able to design almost anything. We make custom hand-made designs; one of a kind rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and much more.


Computer-aided design is the use of computer systems to aid in the creation and modification of a design. This allows us to produce 2D or 3D diagrams, which then allows us to see the piece in making from any angle to ensure pure satisfaction.


We manufacture in-house. We gather all the materials, from metals to stones and have the professionals make the high-end, custom designed jewelry.



Snake, Ring, Jewelry

In 2013, the brothers won first prize at The Couture Show in Las Vegas with a three-piece snake ring that they worked on for Colette Jewelry.